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Look-Out Collision Pedestrian Warning System

Look-Out Collision Warning System

Have you had forklift accidents or near misses at your facility?

The majority of forklift accidents involve a forklift striking someone. 40% of all forklift fatalities are caused by an individual being struck or run over by a forklift.

When this happens at your facility, there is work stoppage due to the tragic event. Homicide investigators come out, OSHA inspectors show up, accident reports need to be filed and counseling may be needed for your employees.

This is followed by OSHA returning for an inspection, insurance rates go through the roof and then you get the certified letter advising you of a pending lawsuit.

We know that ”blind intersections” are a major cause of these types of incidents. You can’t say that you didn’t know because the General Duty Clause clearly  states “you must provide a workplace free from recognized hazards.”

Our goal is to help your employees avoid accidents and reduce your exposure to liabilities. Collision Awareness products are designed to monitor any traffic & alert pedestrians and forklift operators of approaching danger.

LOOK OUT is a warning light device that uses motion sensors to warn on-coming traffic that there is possible danger around blind corners. So it works for hearing impaired personnel too!

Be proactive and reduce your risk of damage, injury and death. Reducing hazards should reduce your liability and exposure to workman’s compensation claims.

100,000 hours lamp life. Indoor, outdoor and cooler applications. Adjustable stable sensors can detect moving object 32 feet away. Works on 110 volt power.

Look-Out 1-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System
Price:  $600.00

Look-Out 2-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System
Price:  $740.00

3-Way Pedestrian Warning System - Ceiling Mount
Price:  $940.00

3-Way Pedestrian Warning System - Rack Mount
Price:  $760.00

4-Way Collision/Pedestrian Warning System
Price:  $1,090.00